Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Use LPLI

Who uses LPLI?
LPLI Pastor Version is for clergy serving in congregational settings. It is the only 360º leadership assessment tool designed specifically for pastoral leaders. LPLI Staff Version is designed for church staff and lay ministry professionals. It is appropriate for church leaders who do not provide the primary pastoral leadership of a church, but have significant responsibility for ministry leadership.

LPLI District Superintendent Version and LPLI Bishop Version were created specifically for judicatory leaders in the United Methodist Church.

Can LPLI be used by leaders in any denomination?
LPLI Pastor Version and LPLI Staff Version were designed for ecumenical use and are used by leaders in many different denominations or in nondenominational settings. The bishop and district superintendent versions are relevant only to the United Methodist Church.

Can LPLI be used by associate pastors or ordained deacons?
Yes, if they are serving in a congregational setting. However, LPLI Staff Version may be more appropriate for associate pastors or deacons serving in specialized staff roles where they do not regularly perform the full range of responsibilities associated with the role of a lead or solo pastor, such as preaching, administering the sacraments, or ordering the life of the church.

Can LPLI be used by leaders serving in non-congregational settings?
LPLI Pastor Version is intended exclusively for clergy serving in congregational settings and is not recommended for clergy serving in non-congregational or extension ministries. LPLI Staff Version was also designed primarily with congregational staff in mind, but it is flexible enough to be used by those serving in other faith-based settings, such as denominational agencies, regional judicatories, mission organizations, or educational institutions.

Can LPLI be used by non-English speaking leaders? 
Those using LPLI Pastor Version have the option of completing their self assessment in Korean or Spanish by using a written version of the assessment and returning it by mail. However, they must be proficient enough in English to engage the online process and analyze their Personalized Leadership Profile, which is presented only in English.

Can a leader invite non-English speaking observers to provide feedback?
Those using LPLI Pastor Version can print and mail written copies of observer assessments in Korean or Spanish to observers most comfortable using those languages.

How can conferences and judicatories make use of LPLI?
Many conferences and judicatories make LPLI available to some or all of the pastors in their area. The Lewis Center can provide analysis and interpretation of aggregate LPLI data to judicatory leaders to help them understand trends, patterns, and leadership development needs. Contact our staff for more information at (202) 664-5700 or

How the LPLI Process Works

How do I get started?
Once you enroll and establish a username and password, getting started is as simple as logging on to, completing an inventory about your own effectiveness, and entering the email addresses of your observers.

How long does it take to complete LPLI?
Participants and observers can generally complete LPLI’s online inventories in less than 45 minutes. The time between when a ministry leader begins the process and when results are available depends on how quickly the observers complete their assessments. Once 5 or more of your observers have completed their assessments, you can generate your Personalized Leadership Profile, which can be viewed immediately online.

How do I receive the results?
Once 5 or more of your observers have completed their LPLI assessments, you can request your Personalized Leadership Profile, which can be viewed immediately online. A link will appear on your navigation menu for viewing your Personalized Profile Report. It is important to note once you choose to generate your report no more observer input can be added to the report.

Does anyone else receive my results?
No, unless you specifically authorize its release.

Technical Requirements

What are the system requirements to run LPLI online?
Pastors using LPLI will need a computer with internet access and an email account. The basic computer requirements necessary to run LPLI online are generally present on computers with web access.

How do I get help with technical problems?

If you are unable to resolve your problem with guidance from these FAQs, please contact the Lewis Center at (202) 664-5700 or Staff members are available Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

The Cost of LPLI

How much does it cost to enroll in LPLI?
The enrollment fee for individuals using LPLI Pastor Version or LPLI Staff Version is $59. Large groups, such as denominations, judicatories, or educational institutions, can contact the Lewis Center office to inquire about group discounts. Call (202) 664-5700.

How do I pay for LPLI?
Individuals who are paying for their own enrollment can pay online as part of the enrollment process. If your denomination, judicatory, or another group is paying for you to use LPLI you will receive a group code to enter when you enroll.

Can I get help paying for LPLI?
Many pastors can use continuing education or professional development funds to cover the expense of LPLI. Check with your congregation or judicatory leaders.


How do observers participate?
It is recommended that participants invite at least 6 to 10 individuals to serve as their observers; however the system allows you to have more than 10 observers, if you wish. A participant simply enters the email addresses of the observers into LPLI online system, selects the observer, and clicks on the button to send an email message to them asking them to complete an online assessment. An LPLI participant can log back into the system periodically to monitor whether the observers have completed their assessments and follow up as necessary.

How many observer responses are necessary?
A minimum of 5 completed observer assessments is necessary to generate an LPLI profile report. The Lewis Center has found that a minimum of 5 observers is needed to provide accurate and reliable results.

In what situations would I want more than the recommended 6 to 10 observers?
Some leaders and congregations use LPLI to gather feedback from a larger pool of congregants or congregational leaders. Or, if you serve in a larger, multi-staff church, this gives you the ability to include more coworkers or other leaders.

How do I select observers?
It is recommended that your observers include people who are familiar with the work in the congregation you serve. Officers in the church, staff, and volunteers with who you work closely are often the best observers. In some cases, you may want to include a denominational supervisor. The Lewis Center recommends you not include your spouse and clergy colleagues who serve in other congregations.

Is an observer’s input anonymous?
Yes. A participant’s LPLI Personalized Leadership Profile indicates the average observer response to each question, but not how a particular observer answered questions.

What about people who don’t use email or computers?
Printable assessments are available for participants or observers who do not use computers. These forms can be downloaded by LPLI users and mailed to their observers. They include instructions on how they can be returned by mail to the Lewis Center.

What about non-English speakers?
Translations of the observer assessments are available in written form in Spanish and Korean. These forms can be downloaded by LPLI users and mailed to their observers. Non-English versions of the assessments can be done only in writing, not online.

Receiving Your Feedback

When can I receive my feedback?
Once 5 or more of your observers have completed LPLI you can generate your Personalized Leadership Profile. A link will appear on your navigation menu that will let you view your profile report online. It is important to note once you choose to generate your report no more observer input can be added to the report.

How do I receive my feedback?
You can view your Personalized Leadership Profile online. It can be accessed from a link on your navigation menu. You can also download and print your profile.

Can anyone else access my feedback?
No, your Personalized Leadership Profile is confidential, unless you authorize the Lewis Center to release it to someone else.