Samples of Unsolicited Feedback

“I want to thank the Lewis Center for providing LPLI. I recently completed a secular 360 instrument for a leadership retreat. As I started filling it out, I grew concerned. Did I have international offshore direct reports? Was I a CEO? What did this have to do with church leadership? The questions confused my lay observers. When I asked what a pastor could learn from this assessment, they said: ‘Leadership is generic; it’s the same everywhere.’ But as someone who ran a law practice for 11 years, I can tell you the work of a pastor is a very different from that of a business leader.” — United Methodist clergywoman

“LPLI is user friendly. I have had many opportunities to participate and administer like instruments. I soon discovered that this instrument was different, it really was user friendly. It was user friendly not only for me, the student, but for the observers. Often times, observers fail to report because the instrument they are asked to complete is time consuming and difficult to understand. My observers were pleasantly surprised and relieved at the ease of the process just as I was.” — United Methodist clergywoman and former district superintendent

“Wonderful! We are so grateful for LPLI, and it’s working well. We have used just today the chart you developed for us (summary of highs and lows) with our Board. We are changing some of our interview practices as a result.” — Conference Board of Ordained Ministry staff person

“I took LPLI to help me understand my strengths and opportunities for growth concerning my leadership style and how that might impact my church’s visioning process. I was finishing three tough years of laying groundwork for change, and I wanted to have an objective measure of how folks saw my leadership. My LPLI Personalized Leadership Profile re-oriented my understanding of how I am perceived as a leader, and it gave me greater clarity concerning how I might interact and develop relationships in the church. By sharing the results of LPLI with my church’s leaders, we were better able to have meaningful conversations concerning how we would work together, based on my strengths as a particular kind of pastoral leader. What I learned from LPLI literally changed my life. The church and I had a better understanding of how we might work together as we affirmed and nurtured each other in a common mission.” — United Methodist clergyman

“Completing LPLI provided a critical angle of vision on my pastoral effectiveness as I entered a fifth year serving as lead pastor of a large downtown church. My LPLI Personalized Leadership Profile revealed that I had been seriously undervaluing my effectiveness and contribution to the church. LPLI played a significant role in discerning my commitment to a longer tenure. Following LPLI and subsequent conversations, I experienced increased energy, hope, and determination to persevere in this ministry setting.” — United Methodist clergywoman

“My experience with my LPLI Personalized Leadership Profile gave me a chance to realize that I had too low a view of my leadership. Even though there are certain areas I need to improve, my leadership is more appreciated by others than by myself. My low estimate of myself was excused in the name of humility, but the view of my leadership from my observers helped me regain my confidence as a leader.” — Lutheran clergyman