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Who should use LPLI Pastor Version?

LPLI Pastor Version is designed for clergy serving in congregational ministry. It is most appropriate for clergy serving as senior or solo pastors with regular responsibility for preaching, worship leadership, and administering sacraments. Ordained deacons, chaplains, and others with more specialized ministries should inquire with the Lewis Center staff about whether the Pastor Version is most appropriate to their situation.

LPLI Pastor Version is designed for ecumenical use and is appropriate for pastors of many different denominations. Since its launch in 2009, pastors from many different denominations have used LPLI, including leaders from faith traditions as diverse as the Salvation Army and Reformed Judaism.

What does LPLI Pastor Version cover?

LPLI covers 75 indicators of effectiveness in ministry. The Lewis Center developed these measures based on a threefold definition of effectiveness in ministry that focuses on:

  • Character: who a leader is in terms of spiritual authenticity, wholeness, and integrity
  • Competence: what a leader knows and does in the diverse areas of pastoral ministry
  • Contribution: what a leader accomplishes to advance the mission of making new disciples, fostering spiritual growth, and serving the world

These categories and the specific criteria were compiled from definitions of effectiveness used by various judicatories, from the literature of pastoral effectiveness, and with input from church leaders and theological educators.

LPLI Pastor Version Character Competence Contribution diagram

Foreign Language Versions

Assessments used by pastors and observers for LPLI Pastor Version are available in printable form in Korean and Spanish. However, the LPLI Personalized Leadership Profile is produced only in English.


LPLI Pastor Version is available for only $59.

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