LPLI Bishop Version

Who should use LPLI Bishop Version?

LPLI Bishop Version is designed specifically for episcopal leaders in the United Methodist Church.

What does LPLI Bishop Version cover?

LPLI Bishop Version covers 75 indicators of effectiveness drawn from competencies identified in the Book of Discipline as well as others named as important by jurisdictional committees on episcopacy. LPLI Bishop Version includes many of the indicators and areas of effectiveness that have proven useful to pastors using LPLI Pastor Version, adding others that are unique to the work of Bishops.

The Lewis Center organized the indicators based on a threefold definition of effectiveness in ministry that focuses on:

  • Character: who a leader is
  • Competency: what a leader knows and does in the diverse areas of their leadership
  • Contribution: what a leader accomplishes to advance the mission

LPLI Bishop Version

LPLI Bishop Version is available for $250.

Optional Open-ended Questions

For an additional cost of $500, those using LPLI Bishop Version may choose to add up to four open-ended questions to their surveys. This option also includes a narrative report from the Lewis Center about the inventory results and open-ended questions to go along with the LPLI Leadership Profile Report that is presented online.

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