LPLI Step by Step

LPLI, the Lewis Pastoral Leadership Inventory™, is an online 360° leadership assessment that will help you gain valuable insights into your leadership abilities and provide important feedback from those who know you so that you can improve and grow in your ministry. As you move through LPLI’s online process, you will be guided through the following steps.

1. Enroll

You may enroll by completing a registration form at You will have a password protected account so you can log on and off at your convenience. If you are enrolling as part of a group, wait until you receive a group code from your group leader.

2. Pay

Individuals who are paying for their own enrollment may pay online after registration. If your denomination, judicatory, or another group is paying for you to use LPLI, you will receive a group code to enter when you register.

3. Complete a demographic profile

LPLI begins with a short series of questions about you and your ministry setting. This information does not impact your LPLI results. The responses to these questions will not appear in your Personalized Leadership Profile. The demographic responses are for research verification purposes only.

4. Complete the LPLI leader inventory

You are asked to respond to a series of 75 statements by selecting a value between Never and Always to gauge how you see your own effectiveness in ministry on LPLI’s indicators of pastoral effectiveness. Allow about 45 minutes for this.

5. Select observers

Next, you will be asked to identify a minimum of six individuals who are familiar with your work to serve as your observers. First enter their names and email addresses. Then select each and send an email invitation that includes a unique registration code for each observer. A printable version of the observer inventory may be downloaded and provided to observers who do not use computers or those who speak Spanish or Korean. The Spanish and Korean printable versions are available only for LPLI Pastor Version.

Your observers will be providing their input anonymously. The feedback you receive will indicate the average observer response on each indicator of effectiveness and a numerical range of responses, but you will not know how a particular observer responded to the inventory. You can sign back into LPLI at anytime and go to “My Observers” on the “Navigate LPLI” menu to see whether an observer has completed the inventory. You may send reminders if necessary. At least five observers must complete inventories for your Personalized Leadership Profile to be generated.

6. Generate Personalized Leadership Profile

Once you have completed the inventory and at least five observers have completed inventories, you may check your progress and generate a report. After the data is processed, no additional observer responses can be added and you can no longer edit your own responses. The Personalized Leadership Profile is immediately available. Your homepage navigation will include a link to the Personalized Leadership Profile. If you wish, you may print a copy from the version formatted for print. With the presentation of your feedback you will find helpful information on interpreting and using your feedback to enhance your personal leadership.