LPLI Staff Version

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Who should use LPLI Staff Version?

LPLI Staff Version is designed for church staff and lay ministry professionals. It is appropriate for church leaders who do not provide the primary pastoral leadership of a church, but have significant responsibility for ministry leadership, such as:

  • Christian Educators
  • Program Directors
  • Youth Directors
  • Children’s Ministry Directors
  • Church Administrators
  • Music Directors
  • Mission Coordinators
  • Associate Pastors in specialized roles

LPLI Staff Version is designed for ecumenical use and is appropriate for leaders serving in different denominations or in nondenominational settings.

Designed primarily with congregational staff in mind, the instrument is flexible enough to be used by staff in other faith-based settings, such as denominational agencies, regional judicatories, mission organizations, or educational institutions.

What does LPLI Staff Version cover?

LPLI Staff Version covers 75 indicators of leadership effectiveness. The Lewis Center developed these measures based on LPLI’s threefold definition of effectiveness in ministry that focuses on:

  • Character: who a leader is in terms of spiritual authenticity, wholeness, and integrity
  • Competence: what a leader knows and does
  • Contribution: what a leader accomplishes in service of the church’s overall mission

LPLI Staff Version includes many of the indicators and areas of effectiveness that have proven useful to pastors using LPLI Pastor Version, omitting those that are exclusive to clergy leaders and emphasizing competencies related to work performance and group function applicable across specializations.

LPLI Staff Version


LPLI Staff Version is available for $59.

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