Methodist Identity — Part 2: Our Beliefs


The Methodist Identity video series explains what it means to be Methodist.

This course builds on Part 1: Our Story by examining Methodist beliefs, focusing especially on those doctrines that make Methodists distinctive. It features eight half-hour long presentations by leading Methodist theologians who offer valuable information and insight concerning core Wesleyan ideas.


This course benefits both lifelong Methodists and those coming to Methodism from other traditions.

Available on DVD/CD.

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Bishop Gregory Ingram
Bishop Gregory Ingram is presiding prelate of the First Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. He has distinguished himself throughout African Methodism, in particular, and the religious community, in general, for his expertise on stewardship and tithing. He has authored a number of publications that are heralded throughout African Methodism, including Equipping the Saints for Service, and The Joy of Giving More Than Enough and The S.A.T. Manual on African Methodism: A Study Guide on the Faith, Beliefs, History and Structure of the World’s Oldest Denomination Founded by Blacks, an acclaimed instructional tool for new members that has been updated and expanded. Bishop Ingram holds a Doctor of Ministry degree from United Theological Seminary.

Lessons and Video Presentations

  1. The Nature of Methodist Doctrine — Sharon Grant and Ted Campbell (29:22)
  2. Divine Trinity and Christology — Scott J. Jones (30:03)
  3. Prevenient Grace and Repentance — Elaine A. Robinson (29:35)
  4. Justifying Faith and Assurance — Walter Klaiber (28:54)
  5. Sanctification — Sondra Wheeler (29:36)
  6. Baptism and Christian Initiation — Henry Knight (27:21)
  7. Eucharist — Lawrence Hull Stookey (26:05)
  8. Eschatology — Randy L. Maddox (28:57)

Bonus Video Presentation

  • Forms of Ministry in the Methodist Tradition — Ted Campbell (51:59)


  • 8 lessons plus bonus video on DVD
  • Study guide and extensive supplemental presentations (including many of Wesley’s own writings) on CD
  • Featuring contributions by 9 of the world’s leading Methodist scholars

 Closed captioning is provided for all lessons.