Doing Good Well


Vital congregations are increasingly committed to serving others through mission. And congregations are asking whether their good intentions always yield good results. Through engaging videos, presentations, and supplemental materials, Doing Good Well explores the fruitfulness of mission efforts and provides practical strategies to help ensure your mission hits the mark.

Doing Good Well is ecumenical and designed for both self study and for use with groups in your church.

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Photo of Tony HuntAsa LeePhoto of David McAllister-WilsonJake McGlothinDr. Ann MichelMitchelKimDr. Lovett H. Weems, Jr.
Dr. C. Anthony Hunt, pastor of Epworth United Methodist Chapel in Baltimore, Maryland
Dr. Asa Lee, associate dean of community life of Wesley Theological Seminary
Dr. David McAllister-Wilson, president of Wesley Theological Seminary
Jake McGlothin, director of serve ministries at Floris United Methodist Church in Herndon, Virginia
Dr. Ann A. Michel, associate director of the Lewis Center
Kim Mitchel, church revitalization consultant
Dr. Lovett H. Weems, Jr., distinguished professor of church leadership and director of the Lewis Center

Video Presentations

Doing Good Well through Mission (17:35 min)
Dr. David McAllister-Wilson
What do we seek to accomplish with our missions? And how do know when we’ve met the mark? This presentation highlights key considerations in the debate over what it means to “do good well.”

What is God Doing in Our Midst? (24:16 min)
Dr. Asa Lee
The church’s mission can never succeed unless its missional priorities express the heart of God. This presentation reminds us that our essential task is to discern what God is doing and join in!

Building Genuine and Effective Mission Partnerships (25:05 min)
Jake McGlothin
In today’s world, mission is not undertaken for others but with others. This presentation explores how creative partnership can be a vehicle for making mission more effective.

Measuring Mission Fruitfulness (13:15 min)
Dr. Lovett H. Weems, Jr.
How can churches focus on outcomes rather than activities and develop metrics that reflect the true impact of mission engagement? How can churches review existing efforts to make sure they are still fruitful? And how can churches track mission impact to go along with their attendance and giving results? This presentation provides answers to these important questions.

Narrated Presentations

Best Practices for Mission Trips (21:22 min)
Dr. Ann A. Michel
Short-term mission trips, although increasingly popular, are often criticized as costly junkets that amount to nothing more than religious tourism. This presentation identifies some of the risks and benefits of mission trips and outlines best practices to make your next mission trip impactful for all involved.

Identifying Real Community Needs (18:26 min)
Dr. C. Anthony Hunt
To be relevant and impactful in a changing world, churches must continually reassess their mission in light of what’s really happening in their community. This presentation will outline ways to accurately assess community needs.

Maximizing the Impact of Your Church’s Donations of Goods (18:42 min)
Kim Mitchel
Virtually every church has projects that involve collecting and donating items needed by others, whether it’s canned goods, school supplies, clothing, or relief supplies. Explore best practices to assure that these ministries meet legitimate needs, honor the recipients, and help contributors grow in missional awareness.

Spiritual Growth through Mission Participation (19:13 min)
Dr. Ann A. Michel
Our mission endeavors can be instruments God uses to open our eyes to human needs and instill compassion in our hearts. This presentation considers how we can maximize the spiritual benefits that flow from participation in mission so that participants grow in discipleship.

Instructional Segments

Doing Good Well through Mission

  • Video Presentation (17:35 min), Dr. David McAllister-Wilson


What is God Doing in Our Midst?

  • Video Presentation (24:16 min), Dr. Asa Lee


Best Practices for Mission Trips

  • Narrated Presentation (21:22 min), Dr. Ann A. Michel
  • Outline of Key Points
  • Leading Ideas Article: “Eight Reasons I was Wrong About Short Term Mission Trips”
  • Leading Ideas Article: “Best Practices for Short-term Mission Trips”
  • 50/50 Partnership Covenant — UMC General Board of Global Ministries
  • Standards of Excellence in Short Term Mission
  • Resource List


Building Genuine and Effective Mission Partnerships

  • Video Presentation (25:05 min), Jake McGlothin


Identifying Real Community Needs

  • Narrated Presentation (18:26 min), Dr. C. Anthony Hunt
  • Outline of Key Points
  • Developing a Vision Diagram
  • Questions — Developing a Vision for Ministry


Maximizing the Impact of Your Church’s Donations of Goods

  • Narrated Presentation (18:42 min), Kim Mitchel
  • Outline of Key Points
  • Plan of Action for Donation Drive
  • What Food Banks Need Most
  • Private and Nonprofit Agencies Active in Disaster Relief


Measuring Mission Fruitfulness

  • Video Presentation (13:15 min), Dr. Lovett H. Weems, Jr.
  • Measuring Mission Fruitfulness
  • Annual Mission Audit


Spiritual Growth through Mission Participation

  • Narrated Presentation (19:13 min), Dr. Ann A. Michel
  • Outline of Key Points
  • Resource List


Additional Resources

  • 50 Ways to Engage Local Schools

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